Quality Policy



Car Tech System Company was established with the aim of designing and manufacturing pistons of different kinds of light and heavy vehicles. The company started its activities using modern technology in piston design along with its increasing complexity level; Car Tech System has taken the following objectives into consideration respect to customer-oriented principles and continuous improvement in all organizational activities:


1. Enhancement customers’ and other beneficiaries’ satisfaction through: 


Delivery products in time with reasonable quality and price as well as evaluate the customers satisfaction    

  Establish and preserve efficient relationship with customers in order to meet and provide their needs   

Respond to customers complaints and recommendations    


2. Continuous improvement of quality and reduction of internal and external defects considering zero defect via:


Establish and improve Quality Management System based on ISO/TS 16949:2009 Standard and customers requirements     

Develop quality, process-oriented culture in the organization and contribution of all staff in establishing Quality Management System     

Attract specialized and commited human workforces and promoting their capabilities through training and motivation     

Plan organizational operations in order to decrease and eliminate wasted and duplication costs      


3. Increase production and competitive ability of the company by:


 Update technologies and having access to new markets and making variation in products       

Ensure of products quality based on technical and qualitative specifications described by customers        


Above items are considered as working platform in all company activities; achieving aforementioned goals requires personal and collective commitment and appropriate performance of staff in all levels and organizational parts of the company. So, chief manager is obliged to do his best in order to prepare, review, understand and implement this policy by staff within the organization, and to follow up in order to ensure of the system performance continuation for implementing theses systems properly. Therefore, it is expected that all colleagues establish this policy as a framework for determining their objectives and plans by creating a friendly and joyful atmosphere rich in unity and confidence and do the best to enforce them better.



ISO 9001:2008
  IQ NET   ISO/TS 16949:2009






















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