All Casting, Machining and Coating operations are processed in-house to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. Car Tech System’s in house Heat Treatment plant including Ageing and Solution operations ensures the optimum molecular grain structure and the highest possible strength for the particular material being used.



Specialized Melting and Holding Furnaces
High Tech Degassing Station
 Full Robotic Petrol Casting Cell for Petrol Pistons
Full Robotic Cutting Cell
Full Robotic Casting Cell for Diesel Pistons
Heat Treatment Plant


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Vertical CNC Lathes

Special Oval Turning Machines 

Special Fine Boring Machines

Special Cleaning Machines


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Coating & Packaging


Tin Coating Line

Phosephating Line




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Quality Control


Metallurgy and Metrology Laboratory

Statistical Process Control Stations

Final Control Stations

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