After Market


As our customers’ innovative supply partner, we offer an extensive spare part range in original equipment quality for the Aftermarket. Car Tech System company relying on Italian partner knowledge in design is able to design any kind of pistons beside mass production of pistons and accessories.


We ensure reliable and fast availability of the spare part range anywhere in the world—with distribution companies in Iran and Italy, as well as a sales office in Tehran and Torino. Numerous accolades from our customers attest to the high level of service quality and flexibility. With individual concepts relating to training, specialized trade, and workshops, as well as comprehensive Aftermarket catalogs and online databases of our products, we offer our customers complete service and best support worldwide.


The company products are distributed at the market known as Car Tech :



All products are guaranteed for 810 days with after sale services. The company technical group always is ready to reply and take care of customer’s complaints and consideration at any moment.


All products are equipped with Tracing Code in order to find out defects in all manufacturing steps by our customer reporting.


Our products are distributed by 1051 agencies in all over the country.


 Any Complaints and Suggestions received from customers are welcomed for Car Tech System.








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